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By Styling Aids
Framesi Styling Aids

By Styling Aids

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Framesi has developed a stand alone line of styling Aids
Their BY line!
BY comes from
Be Yourself

For bright, voluminous and soft hair, easy to comb, to model and to style. All this and much more to enhance styling and to create and fix customized hairstyles with Framesi finishing line. By Framesi products for styling your hair.

Using the pure energy of water, let your hair express your personal style. BY is the new finishing line formulated by the Framesi Research Laboratories, using the fluid nature of water and its basic moisturizing properties. In addition, each BY product contains the precious extract of Malachite that contains mineral salts to provide an anti-aging action on the hair.

BY Slush Gloss
A clear restructuring serum that creates exceptional shine while smoothing split ends and frizz. Blend with other styling products prior to drying hair for superior slip and added softness, manageability and shine; or use on finished styles for shine and to alleviate flyaways. Thermal and UV Protectant. It's you ... with finesse ...Be Yourself
On wet hair: apply to wet hair with or without other styling products to provide superior slip and shine.
On dry hair: apply to create shine and smooth split ends and flyaways.
 by-framesi Slush Gloss   1-   1.8oz (50ml)   $   15.28  16.98

(more about By Slush Gloss Shine Serum)
BY Slush Gloss
BY lava Volcanic Wax

Experience the magnificent and versatile hold of Glacier Wax. Adds great depth and definition to curly unruly hair. Also a perfect gloss for short and sleek. Thermal and UV protectant. Stay fresh, Stay new, Stay you ... Be yourself.

 by-framesi Volcanic Wax
           1-   2.5oz sorry all gone

(more about By Lava Volcanic Wax)

BY Lava Wax
BY Opulence 

Create Moldable pliable sculptable texture with a clean finish. Chill paste allows hair to manipulated into multiple shapes and leaves behind a semi gloss sheen. Thermal and UV Protectant. Mold it, Define it, Keep it cool ... Be yourself.

">  by-framesi Pearl Opulence
sorry all gone   1-   2.5oz  $  15.26  16.96

(more about By Opulence Pearl Wax)

By Opulence Pearl Wax | Framesi Pearl Wax | By Opulence
BY Sparkling Mousse     - - - - >>>      - - - - >>                 -Hydrating, moisturizing foam to keep your hairstyle in place. Contains important anti-oxidizing trace elements in its malachite extract. Massage into wet hair before styling. Light and strong versions available 200 ml (7oz)
BY pearl Sparkling Mousse - Light

An alcohol free, moisture-rich foam that adds body, volume and shine. Adds lift and control to even the most lifeless hair. Thermal and UV protectant. It's an attitude, not a commitment ... be yourself.

 by-framesi Mousse Light
          1- 6.7oz  $ 16.16  17.96
 by-framesi Mousse Light
           12- 6.7oz  Case   $ 177.80 
             (buy 11 get one FREE!)

(more about By Pearl Mousse Light)

BY Pearl Mousse
BY lava Sparkling Mousse - Strong

An alcohol-free, moisture-rich foam that creates ultimate hold, volume and shine. Perfect for all hair styles that require extra strong hold and support. Thermal and UV protectant. Be hip, be lively, be strong ... be yourself.

 By Lava Mousse Strong
           1- 6.7oz $ 16.16  17.96
 By Lava Mousse Strong
           12- 7oz  Case   $ 177.80
             (buy 11 get one FREE!)

(more about By Lava Mousse Strong)

BY Lava Mousse
  Gel with malachite extract to keep your hair in place. Rich in minerals, this gel restructures damaged hair and prevents oxidation damage with its UV filters. Light and strong versions available. It can be used on wet or dry hair. 250 ml  (7oz) tube.
BY Hydro Gel - Light

Alcohol free styling & sculpting Gel that creates natural, flexible hold. Enhances texture and increases manageability with Hydro-Gel Light. Great for fine hair. Will not flae or build up. thermal and UV peotectant. Be smart, be confiednt, be ready yourself.

 by Hydro-Gel Light
           1- 5.1oz  $  10.76  11.96

(more about By Pearl Hydro Gel Light)

BY Pearl Gel

BY Hydro-Gel -

An alcohol-free, moisture-rich foam that creates ultimate hold, volume and shine. Perfect for all hair styles that require extra strong hold and support. Thermal and UV protectant. Be hip, be lively, be strong ... be yourself.

 by Hydro-Gel Strong
  1- 5.1oz  $   10.76  11.96 

(more about By Lava Hydro Gel Strong)

BY Lava Gel

BY Glaze

A sthickening fluid that gives extra shine and a natural hold. Malachite and chitosan extracts replace mineral loss and protect your hair with conditioning agents similar to natural hair structure. It should be used on dry hair to keep it in place and make it shiny. 250 ml flacon.

 by-framesi Glaze
           1-   8.4oz  $ 15.28  16.98
   by-framesi Glaze,
             12-8.4oz Case 168.10
               (buy 11 get one FREE!)

(more about By Pearl Glaze)

BY Pearl Glaze
BY W I O Straight Balm

Great for straightening naturally curly or wavy hair with a dryer or flat iron! Tames and smoothes even the most rebellious, disobedient hair types with WIO Strait Balm. Blocks humidity for all-day frizz control. Softens and moisturizes the hair while adding incredible shine. Thermal and UV protectant. Straighten it, soften it, make it smoothe ... Be yourself.

 by-framesi Wio Strait Balm
            1-   5.1oz   $ 15.28  16.98 
 by-framesi Wio Strait Balm
              12-   5.1oz  Case $ 168.10
                (buy 11 get one FREE!)

(more about By WIO Strait Balm)

By WIO Strait Balm | Framesi By Pearl WIO Strait Balm |Framesi WIO

By Lave Shampoo | By Sulfate Free Shampoo | Framesi Sulfate Free Shampoo

By Pearl Shampoo | Framesi By Pearl Shampoo

By Lava Conditioning Masque | By Masque | Framesi Masque

By Pearl Conditioner | By Conditioner | Framesi Pearl Conditioner






By Lava Hair Spray | By Hair Spray Strong | Framesi By Lava Mist Hair Strong

By Pearl Hair Spray | By Hair Spray Light | Framesi By Pearl Mist Hair Spray Light

Lava Shampoo
  Pearl Shampoo
BY Masque BY Conditioner           BY HairSpray
BY HairSpray

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