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By Pearl Hair Spray
By SHINE Spray


By Pearl  Shine Spray for Hair

By Pearl SHINE Spray for Hair:  An extremely workable, fast-drying, shine hair spray . that gives you  All the shine of precious pearl powder to bestow radiance and shine to you and your hair.  This formula is non sticky, will not build-up or flake

BY Pearl Shine Spray

 7oz Size
MSRP:  19.96
Our Price:  17.96
You Save:  2.00


By Pearl SHINE Spray   from Framesi:

Framesi Shine Spray  - Shine-enhancing spray

- All the shine of precious pearl powder to bestow radiance even on the dullest and most lifeless hair.
- Does not contain fixatives and dries rapidly thanks to the ultra fine spray released from the hi-tech dispenser.
- Proteins, vitamin E and jojoba oil have an anti-aging effect.

Ingredients: By Pearl SHINE Spray   

All the richness of priceless pearl powder
to re-mineralize even the most lifeless hair.
Fixative free and fast drying thanks to the ultra fine
mist released by the hi-tech dispenser.

The Goods: By SHINE Spray 



 jojoba oil for extra shine
pearl powder re-mineralize  lifeless hair
fast drying adds shine on finished hair styles
Powerful Vitamin-enriched silicone" Forms a protective film that increases moisturization and shine while reducing tackiness, brittleness and build-up often associated with ultimate hold products.


Instructions By Pearl SHINE Spray

  • Shake before use.

  • Spray evenly after styling.

  • works well on day 2 for  re-styling your hair


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