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offering , BY, Color Lover and I.Dentity Hair Products from Framesi
Your hair is your most important fashion accessory!
Because ... "you hair"
is the only fashion accessory you wear --
all day -- every day.

Your hair, can be like a diamond in-the-rough -  and
 just like diamonds you should consider the 4- C's for Great Hair
• your Color • your Cut • your Care & • your Choice of finished look

italian hair fashion: spring-summer 215

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 Framesi Hair Color
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 Framesi Style = Italian Hair Fashion

Framesi Hair is synonymous with  Italian Hair Fashion. Framesi, the Italian Hair Fashion leader,  brings Italian style, & Italian hair solutions to help you with  •your Color •your Care •your Cut & • your Choice of finished styling "looks". Change one "C"get a new YOU!"

Italian Hair Fashion Trends, come to you from Milan trough Framesi to your Framesi stylist who, in turn offers them then to you!. With Framesi hair color and Framesi Trend releases, your hair-stylist has additional tools to help you get the looks you want. So stop being  a diamond in the rough - bring out the sparkle hiding in your hair, with Framesi Italian Style.

Your hair stylist is one person who is able to understand what your hair needs, and how to keep you hair and your look, up to date. You can have big changes, or with a slower, more sophisticated, well planned, hair style evolution. Framesi Italian Style will help you to plan a complete look including your Framesi Hair Color, and customize the latest Italian Hair Fashion to fit your, and help you choose the best in Framesi Hair Products for home use.

This is why Framesi has dedicated to your hair-stylists and to you. Framesi professional products, are highly reliable for the quality of their formulas, for their effectiveness and for your aesthetic results. Many products choices for your specific problem solutions, because each single customer has their own needs.  Framesi Italian Style makes Italian Hair Fashion available and it is individually customized just for you.

Framesi Italian Style trend releases bring the high paced, highly practical,  fashion world of prêt-a-porter (practical, on the go - ready to wear) trends to the Framesi hair salon in your area.

So weather you choose to ...

  1. be - in front of the curve as a trend setter - leading the hair-Revolution --- or
  2. be on the  leading edge of the curve - - join in the hair-Revolution or
  3. just add a little "cutting edge" flair to your style -
  4. - - making it your own hair-Evolution
    Framesi Italian Style -meaning • the cuts the colors the care & the looks, are for your.
    Just find the Framesi Italian Style salon in your area ... and
  5. Remember your hair is your most important fashion accessory. Because you hair is the only fashion accessory you wear all day - every day.

We at Italian Hair Fashion, wishes you "Happy Hair!"


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